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Don McMillan
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61 (0)437 453 815

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Don McMillan satisfies the qualifications and competencies set out in section 10 of the Professional Engineers Act 2002 [QLD].

About Oil Gas CBM Services Pty Ltd and Don McMillan

Personal Background

Don has been successfully working in the oil, gas and coalbed methane industry for over 24 years.

Don offers a wealth of experience in consistently turning economically marginal assets into profitable businesses. Currently Don is consulting on projects in Australia, Asia and Europe. Don holds formal qualifications in engineering and petroleum engineering.


Don has extensive experience working over twenty-four years on oil and gas fields, of which twelve years specialising in CSG. He has designed, developed and delivered customized and practical solutions based on lateral thinking.

In addition to his stated areas of specialization, Don plays an active role in the Society of Petroleum Engineers. He has served on the SPE International Production award committee, Co-Chaired the 2004 Applied Technical Workshop and is the Queensland’s SPE representative on the Australian council.

In addition, Don is on the SPE membership committee member (international) and Technical Chairperson for the 2010 APOGCE. He is also a member of PESA and QUPEX

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Don McMillan