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Don McMillan
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61 (0)437 453 815

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Don McMillan satisfies the qualifications and competencies set out in section 10 of the Professional Engineers Act 2002 [QLD].

Major Studies


  • CBM Queensland – Upstream potential for service companies
  • CBM Ukraine – Donetsk Basin
  • CBM Indonesia – South Sumatra Basin
  • Gas Composition – CBM to LNG
  • Marginal Oil re-development strategy
  • Vertical & Horizontal well performance

Case Studies

+ CSG Exploration Strategy.

Advised exploration methodology and pilot design.

Initial success enable CSG company to raise funds to progress to development status.

+ Evaluation of marginal resource fracture stimulation performance.

Reviewed methodology & well location strategy.

Extended projects profitability and increased reserves.

+ Evaluation of marginal resource project economic performance.

Reviewed historical record of project expectation versus actual outcome.

Enabled customer to redirect investment strategy improving company’s profitability.

+ Well location study & review completion performance Lateral & Fracture Stimulation

Review production performance – identified geological structure the over-riding influence on deliverability. Identified preferred completion method best for each area based on structure, depth and deliverability.

Development strategy changes to focus on upgraded areas.

+ Client concerned with high workovers expenditure regarding Artificial Lift

Statistical analysis of pump performance; interviewed field staff, wrote commissioning procedure, recommended rathole, pump selection and setting depth.

Workover activity and expenditure reduced by 50% over two years.

+ DST (99% W/C) result contradicted log analysis (Oil saturated).

Analysis identified that oil mobility was different in DST compared with surrounding fields. The lower DST packer was set on oil-water contact resulting in water coning and failing to test the oil zone.

Re-drilled and discovered a multi-million barrel oil field.

Major Studies