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Don McMillan satisfies the qualifications and competencies set out in section 10 of the Professional Engineers Act 2002 [QLD].

CBM Course

This course is based on technical fundamentals of CSG and how they relate to production. The focus is on the practical aspects of developing the CSG resource. The course begins with comparing CSG with conventional oil and gas. It is critical in understanding where the differences lie and what is important. Fundamentals are explained and how they relate to developing the resource. The importance of seismic and identification of “sweetspots” are explained. Well designs and production operations are discussed in depth. The course is interlaced with the instructor’s practical experiences enabling the participants to understand the practical aspects in unlocking the resource. The instructor encourages participants to bring to the course examples of challenges they face with their projects.

Section 1

  • Introduction
    • What is unconventional gas
  • CSG Verses Conventional
    • Understanding the differences
      • This helps to minimises mistakes
      • Why conventional RE equations faulter.
      • Focus on what is important!
  • Geology
    • The importance of Seismic and Coring
    • Gas in Place Estimation
      • Coalification
      • Cleat Formation
      • Gas Content
      • Composition
      • Isotherms
      • Young’s Modulus
  • Identification of “sweetspots”
    • Permeability
    • Skin - Why this is an important measurement?
    • Structural Geology
    • Role of stress
      • hmax vs hmin vs vert
  • Deliverability which is the key to CBM
    • Stress environment
      • Effect of production interruption
    • Production cycles
    • Role of relative permeability Gas vs Water
      • Measurement
    • Drainage patterns

Section 2

  • Resource & Reserves
    • Overview of PRMS
    • Pitfalls in estimating unconventional reserves
    • Area of contention
    • Reserves Vs Deliverability; the disconnect.
  • Operations;
    • Artificial lift - Well design
    • Pump operations from the start
    • Metering Skids
    • Flowlines
      • Management of Water in gas lines
      • Management of Gas in water lines
      • Coal fines
  • Drilling & Artificial lift
    • Bowen Basin Experience
      • Verticals
        • Frac Stim
          • Water Vs gel fracs
          • Water fracs indepth
        • Cavitation
      • Horizontals
        • Surface to inseam
        • Horizontal wells
    • Surat Basin Experience
      • Verticals
        • Barefoots
        • Frac stim
  • Pilots
    • Goals & Objectives
    • Failure Analysis
  • What is Shale Gas?
    • Quick overview of shale gas