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Don McMillan
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61 (0)437 453 815

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Don McMillan satisfies the qualifications and competencies set out in section 10 of the Professional Engineers Act 2002 [QLD].

Oil and Gas Services

Don is a world leader in the petroleum industry with vast experience and knowledge greatly benefitting his clients. He has access to the best Geologists and Geophysicists ensuring top quality reports. Don McMillan is the Chairman of the Technical Committee for the Asian Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition (APOGCE SPE, Brisbane Australia October 2010).

Don specialises in

  • Company Reviews
  • Valuations merges/acquisitions
    • Conventional and Coal Seam gas
    • Asset reviews
  • the rejuvenation of marginal oil and gas fields
  • coalbed methane projects
    • field Development Studies
  • petroleum engineering
    • fracture stimulation
    • artificial lift design
  • reservoir engineering
    • reserve estimation
    • reserve auditing
    • simulation
    • well testing
  • mentoring and training of engineers
  • Offers CSG courses
    • Introduction to CSG
    • CSG Reservoir & Production Engineering
    • CSG Reserves

One Day CBM course: Excellent Very good Good Average
The course content was: 75% 25%    
The presentation/teaching techniques of the presenter: 100%      
The presenter's knowledge of the subject was: 100%      
Course materials were: 75% 25%    
Presentations slides were: 75% 25%    
Overall: 85% Excellent 15% Very Good    
Services by Don McMillan